Alright I'll try and keep this short so I don't loose your attention rapidly for this one and future post. I felt I owed you all the personal touch of a so called "blog". Personal disclaimer: did not major in writing so please be easy on me and any typos that may sneak on in her.
Let's begin by answering the most obvious: why I chose to do kids. With a Fashion degree from Miami International University and over 10 years of experience in women's apparel, I needed a change. I needed to reinvent my wheel as they say. And you see, it's quite simple...No, I don't have children of my own (even though I still believe my three fur friends that to me, partially count) throughout the years I've learned that we should live life more like children do. Kids don't worry about what other people think, they live life genuinely. They live fearlessly, dance awkwardly whenever they want, wherever they want. They are never afraid to ask questions and always, I mean always live life in full color. What does that mean exactly? Well it can be interpreted in different ways. What comes immediately to my mind is a cartoon. Cartoons are not only vivid and ridiculously animated, they are unique and full of character which pretty much paints the perfect depiction of what I like to refer to as a Cartoon Heart! I just really want to help everyone live forever young and carry a cartoon heart no matter what age, no matter what environmental influences surround you!
So I find that people often ask, but she doesn't have any kids?
No you're right. But one thing is certain, I've been a kid before, as everyone has! I've been a kid that although was the fairy tale childhood, it was undoubtedly a memorable one. One that gave me a brother to show me physically how fortunate I am to walk on my two own feet and a rebel of a sister that took me out of my crib to watch cartoons with her in the middle of the night. A childhood where I discovered I could illustrate thanks to my Grandfather that I miss dearly. A grandmother where I inherited my love for textiles and attention to garment details. A dad that thought me how innovative I could be and to always live life as it were a celebration (literally). A childhood where my mother did anything for me to enjoy my many years of very expensive cheerleading. A childhood that gave me forever friends. A childhood that taught me that Nutella is life. That made me love animals more than people (well sometimes wink wink, OK fine most of the time) And most importantly, one that setup my stepping stones to where I am today. 
IKID is my platform to share my love for things, color, and life worth living itself. My goal is to curate and cater a lifestyle kid driven shop. Anything that'll make you smile. Whether it'd be for you, your home, kids, and of course your furry family members. With technology and social media advances, you can find and buy stuff anywhere. That is what makes IKID different. This is the place where not only will be an experience for myself, but for you all to experience and live with me. A place that serves as a subconscious reminder to never let go of your true awkward self. Reminder to never doubt yourself when you don't know something. You are never too old to learn something new and as adults I think we should ask more questions. The most clever people do. And above all else, to always be unapologetically YOU! 
Don't worry my blogs won't always be about me (lol) Just thought we get somewhat acquainted because who reads strangers blog post anyway? Just about everyone but you get the point.
Now that we're super cool peeps and all, please stay tune for I'll be sharing life hacks, personal recommendations, and whatever else I feel may help make your life easier. 
This got lengthy real quick! I'll wrap it up and stop chattering away like I naturally do.
Thank you guys for stopping by. 
Remember to always Be Kind & always have a Cartoon Heart!
LOVE, Nat.

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